Eddy Current Heat EXCHANGER

- Oct 17, 2017-

Eddy Current heat film Heat exchanger using the latest Eddy current heat transfer technology, by changing the fluid movement state to increase the heat transfer effect, when the medium through the vortex tube surface, strong erosion of the pipe surface, thereby improving the heat transfer efficiency. Up to 10000w/m2℃. According to the "Heat Exchanger Equipment Promotion Center" introduced this structure to achieve corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure, anti-scaling function. The flow channel of other types of heat exchangers is fixed directional flow, and the convective heat transfer coefficient is reduced by forming a flow around the surface of the heat exchanger. The biggest characteristic of eddy current heat exchanger is economic and safety unification. Due to the consideration of the heat exchanger, the flow between the heat pipe and the shell, no longer using the baffle plate forced to block the turbulence, but by the natural induction between the exchange tube to form alternating vortex flow, and to ensure that the exchange tube does not rub each other under the premise of maintaining the necessary vibration strength. The rigidity and flexibility of the heat exchanger are well configured and will not collide with each other, which overcomes the problem of the damage caused by the collision between the floating coil heat exchanger and avoids the problem of the easy scaling of the common shell-tube heat exchanger.