Efficient and green finned tube machine

- Oct 10, 2018-

As a heat exchange component, the finned tube machine works for a long time under high temperature flue gas conditions. For example, the fin tube machine used in boiler heat exchangers has a harsh environment, high temperature and high pressure, and is in a corrosive atmosphere. This requires a finned tube machine to have a very high High performance indicators. The finning process is to pre-process a batch of individual fins by punching, and then manually or mechanically, according to a certain height (wing distance), the fins are placed on the outer surface of the tube by interference. It is the earliest method of processing a finned tube machine.

Firstly, the steel strip plane is wound on the outer surface of the pipe in a spiral manner perpendicular to the axis of the pipe, and the two ends of the steel strip are welded on the steel pipe for fixing, and then the gap between the steel strip and the steel pipe is eliminated, and the brazing method is used. Weld the steel strip and the steel tube together. High-frequency high-frequency welding spiral finned tube machine is one of the most widely used spiral finned tube machines. It is widely used in waste heat recovery and petrochemical industries in electric power, metallurgy and cement industries.

Due to the enhanced heat transfer capacity and the increased heat transfer area per unit area, fewer tubes can be used to achieve the same heat load than the light pipe, resulting in a compact structure and reduced metal consumption. Because the material of the fins can be different from the base tube, the choice and utilization of the materials is more reasonable. The fin material is determined according to the use environment and manufacturing process, and has carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy, steel and steel alloy.