Performance and energy saving of air heat exchangers​

- Sep 18, 2018-

Performance and energy saving of air heat exchangers

The heat dissipation of the equipment in the communication room of the air heat exchanger is large and concentrated. The electricity cost of the air conditioning system used to maintain the temperature in the equipment room accounts for a large proportion of the electricity expenses of the computer room. 

Energy-saving alternatives to communication room air conditioners – intelligent isolated air heat exchangers are produced in this context. In this paper, the thermal performance and resistance characteristics of the equipment are studied experimentally, and the regional applicability and power saving effect of the communication base station using the isolated air heat exchanger intermittently instead of the air conditioning operation are analyzed by using the time-by-time analysis method. The energy saving benefits were analyzed with engineering examples. 

Preliminary results show that the use of the device, air heat exchanger not only has significant energy saving, power saving effect, can greatly reduce the operation and management costs of the telecommunications industry, but also contribute to environmental protection, promote the sustainable development of the communications industry, enhance the enterprise Market competitiveness, etc. In short, the promotion and application of such equipment will have very important economic and social benefits.