What is the fan coil unit?

- Apr 10, 2018-

Fan coil unit is a parts for air conditioning system.

The general air-conditioning water system adopts dual control, that is, the winter hot water supply and the summer cold water supply are all performed in the same system. The corresponding fan coil for this water system is a single coil. There are two rows and three rows of single coils for summer cooling and winter heating. The advantage of this air conditioning system is that the system is simple and the initial investment is small; the disadvantage is that in the transitional season, when some areas need heat and some areas need cooling, they cannot meet the requirements. 

Four controlled air-conditioning systems Cold water and hot water are transported separately by two pipes. The return pipe is also a cold water and hot water respectively. The fan coil of such an air conditioning system is in the form of a double coil, which has two coils of a cold coil and a hot coil. This system can supply both hot and cold water at the same time throughout the year, allowing room temperature to be adjusted flexibly and ensuring the temperature of the indoor air. However, the initial investment is large, the occupied tube well area is large, the water pipe line is complicated, and there is a disadvantage that cold and heat may be offset. If air accumulates in the coil, the heat transfer effect will be affected, and the flow may be lost if it is heavy. The return air enters the unit from the bottom, and some are arranged in the lower half of the panel. The vents can be opened upwards or on the sides, and the direction of the wind is changed.