Finned tube equipment can meet the needs of mass production

- Oct 10, 2018-

Many equipments are applied to finned tubes due to safety factors. As a very important heat dissipating component, they are also favored by manufacturers because of their high cost performance. Today, Xiaobian will talk about some important issues about finned tubes. feature.

The finned tube equipment in operation generally has better mechanical capacity and load-bearing capacity, which can effectively carry out heat dissipation work of the equipment, and can reduce the occupied area in the equipment to a certain extent, so that the fin tube production process satisfies the large Requirements for mass production. Moreover, the finned tube is not easily corroded and damaged during use, so the use time can be longer. The flexibility of the finned tube is higher, and we can influence the heat dissipation by increasing or decreasing the number of fins of the finned tube. Moreover, the surface of the finned tube is smooth, so it is easier to clean, and the finned tube does not occupy an area in the heat sink, and does not affect the aesthetics of the home. And if it is explained from the economic benefits, the fin tube has low energy loss and low cost, so the economic benefit is better.

Therefore, the finned tube has always been an important part of the radiator. For more information about the finned tube, please pay attention to the latest news of our Shenyang Huijin Copper Processing Factory.