Flue-cured copper-aluminum composite replacement steel system is the trend of the times

- Nov 26, 2018-

Now we mainly recommend copper-aluminum composite products. In this respect, we have basically done it in Baotou. Now, our sales in Baotou market, copper-aluminum composite radiator has dominated. As for the introduction of new heating water quality standards in the country, the service life of steel radiators can be extended, and the development prospects of steel radiators oVRcooler are more broad, but it is not entirely true. 

Because we say that the corrosion resistance of copper-aluminum composite radiator does not mean that it will not be corroded, so the new water quality standard can extend the life of steel radiator, while the life of copper-aluminum composite radiator is more effective. Increase, but the advantages of copper-aluminum composite radiators in other aspects of steel radiators can not catch up. Therefore, the replacement of steel radiators by copper-aluminum composite radiators is the trend of the future development of the industry.