Why does the plate heat exchanger can't add water?

- Jun 26, 2018-

Why does the plate heat exchanger can't add water?

Usually, it is composed of a water outlet chamber, an inlet chamber, and a main sheet and a radiator chip.

The structure of plate heat exchanger is simple and economical and efficient

Recently, there are many users who consult the related problems of plate heat exchangers,Everyone mentioned a problem by accident,why something we think the plate heat exchanger can't add water?

Sometimes it's not that you can't add water, but we think we didn't add much water,But the heat exchanger already showed water is full, but it's not too long to show again lack of water, That is what we usually say "empty quantity.

The above two situations are mostly caused by thermostats. Under normal circumstances, when the water is added, the small hole in the thermostat valve needs to be drained.

However, if these two small holes are clogged, gas will not be discharged normally, which will result in cold water not filling the water jacket. When it is full, it is still water-deficient. Encountered this problem

Everybody needs to remove the thermostat of the plate heat exchangerand clear the blocked hole. If it is a failure of the thermostat, it needs to be replaced as a whole.

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