How to solve the problem if heat exchanger frozen?

- Jun 26, 2018-

In winter, because the weather is cold and the heat exchanger frozen, what should be done?Improper operation is likely to cause additional damage to the cooler.

First,if found unopened reverse osmosis membrane icing phenomenon occurs, it can be together with the packing placed in cold water, soak a day and a night, and then you can use, pay attention to the maintenance of air cooler, help your cooler through the cold winter.

Second, must be placed in the cooler whole room temperature above 10 ℃ indoor natural thawing can continue to use boot in two days, during which water is forced open mechanism, boot after check whether there is leakage phenomenon, if there is leakage phenomenon, be sure to contact the manufacturer.

Has now entered the winter, bought the cooler of customer's friends if we can grasp the basic handling skills, face the problem of freezing also need not worry, in addition, you must do protective measures, avoid equipment to freeze.