How are air compressors cooled?

- Jul 18, 2019-

How are air compressors cooled?

Whether it is a piston air compressor or a screw air compressor, in order to ensure the performance of the oil and control the operating temperature of the machine, the air compressor must be cooled. The traditional cooling methods mainly include air cooling and water cooling. 

Under normal circumstances, according to the exhaust capacity, medium and small air compressors are mostly air-cooled, and large and medium-sized air compressors are mostly water-cooled. At the same time, the cooling method of the air compressor should also take into account the ambient temperature, humidity and local water resources.

 For example, the temperature in the north is low, the air is dry, and the water resources are tight. The air-cooled air compressor should be considered first in the engineering design. . Because water cooling is better, water cooling should be considered in conditional engineering. 

At present, the cooling hot air of the air-cooled air compressor is exhausted to the outside through an air duct through an axial fan. The cooling system of the water-cooled air compressor consists of a closed circuit of a hot water pump, a cooling tower cold water pump and a pipeline. The cooling hot water discharged from the air compressor is discharged to the cooling tower through the hot water circulation pump, and the hot water is cooled and then used by the air pump for circulation. Regardless of air-cooling or water-cooling, the heat generated in the operation of the air compressor is completely dissipated into the ambient air, and the axial flow fan and the water pump used in the cooling process need to consume energy.

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