How do air coolers work?

- May 15, 2018-

How the air cooler works

Air cooler is a commonly used refrigeration equipment in industrial production. It has reformed the development history of refrigeration equipment industry in China with evaporative condenser, cooler, quick freezing machine, quick freezing equipment, aluminum alloy evaporator and closed cooling tower. Especially in the development of China's new industrialization, technological innovation in refrigeration equipment such as air coolers has gradually become a pioneer in the field of industrial production equipment. According to the quick-freezing Jinan Shenhua Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., the air coolers currently used in the market have greatly improved in structure and function, with good cooling effect, and more energy-saving and environmental protection.

The air cooler is a heat exchanger that uses air to cool the hot fluid. The hot fluid inside the tube exchanges heat with the outside air through the tube wall and fins, so as to achieve a good cooling effect. The air cooler is mainly composed of a tube bundle, a ventilator and a framework. The tube bundle includes a heat transfer tube, a tube box, a side beam and a cross beam. It can be arranged in three basic forms: horizontal, vertical and inclined roof. In order to offset the lower heat-supply coefficient of the air side, the fin tube is usually used on the outer wall of the light pipe. The finned tube is the core element of the air cooler and its form and material directly affect the performance of the device. Tubes can be made of carbon steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel. The fin material is determined according to the use environment and manufacturing process, and most of them are industrial pure aluminum. Copper or stainless steel is also used in the case of high corrosion resistance or special manufacturing process conditions. The structure of the air cooler pipe box is mainly flanged, pipe plugged, and manifolded. The former is generally used for medium and low pressure, and the latter two are used for high pressure.