How do you clean an air conditioning unit condenser?

- Apr 13, 2018-

The condenser in central air conditioning is easy to accumulate dirt and slime, and it can cause pipe blockage and overpressure shutdown when serious.

In order to prolong the life of the central air conditioner and ensure the normal operation of the next season, the central air conditioning cleaning personnel should do a good job of cleaning the condenser.

Central air-conditioning condenser cleaning process.

1. Close the valve of the cooling water in and out of the condenser, and use the thermometer tube, pressure gauge pipe or sewage pipe to connect the anti-corrosion pump and the distribution tank to make a small circulation system and circulate the cleaning.

2. First add the pickling inhibitor, which is a special copper corrosion inhibitor. It is attached to the inner wall of the condenser metal to prevent the reaction of acid and metal.

3. Add solid pickling cleaning agent, which is used to clean calcium carbonate scale as the main component of scale. The cleaning agent is composite solid organic acid, white crystal, non-corrosive to metal, and weak acid. The amount of cleaning agent is determined according to the scale of the equipment.

4. add dirt stripping agent (optional), if the condenser device scaling is thick, you need to add dirt stripping agent, promote the scale after reaction products quickly dissolve in water, speed up the deep scale reaction.

5. Add neutralizing passivator, and after chemical cleaning in the condenser, neutralize the residual acid and prevent the surface oxidation of the metal surface to produce secondary surface rust.