How do you replace an evaporator coil?

- Mar 13, 2019-

How do you replace an evaporator coil?

First, the replacement of evaporator coil

At present, many branch company service departments report that because there is no special tool, the refrigerator evaporator leak can not be replaced (the evaporator is aluminum tube, the joint is connected with the Locke ring). The company's maintenance technicians can solve such problems in the actual maintenance by the following methods, which are introduced to everyone for reference only.

1. Cut the freezer evaporator with a cutter and replace it with a new one.

2. Dock the refrigerating chamber evaporator process tube with the newly replaced evaporator, and insert the lock ring before the docking (the lock ring is facing the docking point).

3. Apply a special sealant to the butt joint and fix the end with a vise (one end of the freezer evaporator, preferably wrapped with sandpaper to increase the area of force). At the other end, use a vise to fix the lock ring and use a small hammer to strike the vise to push the lock ring into the docking station of the frozen and refrigerated evaporator.

4. The capillary tube is connected to the evaporator in the same way.

5, after half an hour, nitrogen pressure, leak detection.

Note: Lock ring and sealant can be purchased from electrical companies.

Second, the length of the capillary is replaced

When the faulty machine is overhauled, the capillary is blocked due to impurities in the cooling, and there is no way to remove it. A new capillary must be replaced. Let's introduce a high-pressure flow measurement method to determine the length of the capillary you have repaired.

The high-pressure flow measurement method is carried out by using a self-compressor. The flow rate of the capillary depends on the exhaust efficiency of the compressor. A capillary tube having a length of 4 m and an inner diameter of 0.6 mm or more is selected, and both ends are open and open, and one end is welded to the exhaust end of the compressor. A high-pressure meter is installed at the exhaust port of the compressor, and the other end is opened smoothly. The suction end of the compressor is also open to the outside atmosphere, and the compressor is started to operate, and the high-pressure flow measurement is performed. When the pressure value of the high-pressure gauge is stable at 1.0~1.2MPa When considered, this capillary is considered suitable, otherwise it should be cut short or grow re-welded. Note: This method is best carried out in dry weather.

Third, with the same type of door seal, what should I do?

Since the magnetic door seal is hardened and loses its elasticity, the cold air inside the box is allowed to escape. In this case, the entire door seal should be replaced. In the actual overhaul, if there is no door seal of the same type, the following methods can be used to solve such problems.

Select a pair of door seals with a slightly larger size (eg 181K available 206, 197JH, etc.), and then cut off the size. When cutting off, you can take a pair of diagonal cuts. It is best to keep the right upper and lower left right angles, the door seal The incision should be cut at a 45 degree bevel so that it is butted at a right angle of 90 degrees. And leave a margin of about 4mm on each side, so as to make a lap joint when hot-bonding (the lap joint is melted and bonded with an electric iron). Use a blade to trim the seam to make it flat and ensure the seal of the door seal.