How does a shell and tube heat exchanger work?

- Oct 16, 2019-

Shell and tube condenser working principle

The high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas enters the shell side of the condenser from the inlet above the condenser, and the cooling water pump draws the cooling water from the water storage tank of the cooling tower, and enters the condenser through the water inlet below the right side of the condenser. During the pipe, the Yantai refrigeration and air-conditioning components exchange heat with the refrigerant outside the copper tube of the condenser. The temperature rises and exits from the water outlet above the right side of the condenser. After passing through the water outlet pipe, it enters the water inlet pipe of the cooling tower. Then, the water outlet of the sprinkler pipe is evenly sprinkled on the filler, and the heat is exchanged with the water in the filler by the fan suction, so that the water temperature is lowered, and the cooled water is stored in the water storage tank to be reused.

Structural composition of shell and tube condenser

The shell-and-tube condenser is a commonly used heat exchanger for a water-cooled chiller. The shell-and-tube condenser is composed of a casing, a tube sheet, a heat transfer tube bundle, a cooling water distribution part, a cooling water, and a refrigerant inlet and outlet pipe joint. A closed water cooled condenser.