How does SRZ type radiator work?

- Sep 18, 2018-

SRZ type radiator works

SRZ type radiator has the characteristics of compact structure, good air tightness and convenient installation. It is suitable for both steam systems and air heaters for heating air in hot water systems. Mainly used for hot air heating, air conditioning system and air heating of the drying device, it is the main equipment in the hot air device. It is widely used in air heating systems for heating, ventilation and drying of large buildings.

The heat sink can be made of steam heat transfer oil or hot water. The working pressure of the heat medium is 1.6 MPa or less, and the working temperature is 250 ° C or less.

The SRZ radiator is mainly composed of three rows of heat-dissipating tube bundles flowing in the air direction, and the fork rows are arranged. The SRZ radiator fin tubes are made of Ф22×2mm seamless steel tubes and wound with 16×0.5mm corrugated steel strips, which are spiral. The SRZ steel radiator has a range of 5mm-large "D", 6mm-medium "Z", 8mm-small "X", and has 38 specifications.

The SRZ type radiator consists of carbon steel frame and carbon steel heat dissipation tube (carbon steel heat pipe). The steel heat dissipation tube is fixed by frame, compact structure, good air tightness, convenient installation and durability. It is not only suitable for concentration. Air supply heating, but also for local heating, or other uses.