How many types of air compressor coolers?

- Nov 25, 2019-

The installation of coolers generally includes vertical oil cooler and horizontal oil cooler. The tubular cooler is still popular in the current industry. It is a heat exchange device installed in the chemical industry, transportation, light industry, food and other industries for heat exchange. To remove heat by cooling the fluid.

During the working process of air compressor, a lot of heat energy will be generated due to the great pressure. How to discharge these heat energy in time will cause a problem. The air compressor cooler is to solve this problem. If it can't cool down in time, it will bring many problems to the machine. In order to better extend the life of the machine. In use, you should follow some normal use and maintenance methods. For details, please refer to the following article: operation and maintenance instructions for air compressor cooler.

The air compressor cooler shall be cleaned regularly during a period of use to prevent the scale from staying and affecting the refrigeration effect. There are two other types of air compressor coolers, one is air-cooled air compressor cooler, the other is water-cooled air compressor cooler.