How many types of steam heat exchanger?

- Apr 28, 2018-

A steam heat exchanger is a device for heating water or air by steam. It can displace a lot of the heat in the steam.

Used to heat water or air. Heated water or air can be concentrated in various drying and drying equipment.

In modern industry, steam is an ideal heat carrier with a wide range of applications.

The steam entering the core is ejected along the side wall, and the kinetic energy is absorbed by the water, and the water flows along the tangential direction of the coil body.

Contact with the inner wall of the shell at a large Angle, and rotate by the shell. The shell volume design is reasonable. The flow rate is suitable and stable.

The rotating current can not only better absorb steam kinetic energy, eliminate noise, but also form a large number of tiny soda units.

This combination of small volumes produces very low noise.


The equipment used to heat water by steam is divided into two types: direct heating equipment and indirect heating equipment

Direct heating equipment can be divided into steam heating injector, steam mixer, spray type heat exchanger and heat sensitive sensing heat transfer unit.

Steam - heated injector

Using the steam high velocity to produce a negative vacuum suction water mixture, the use condition not only requires the steam to have certain pressure, but also must have certain kinetic energy to be mixed

In the early '60s, the noise problem was not widely used.

Advantages of steam injector: simple equipment, low cost, high energy efficiency, no fear of scale.

Steam mixer

The steam is injected directly into the water through the same diameter porous device.

The steam pressure must be more than 0.2MPa above the system pressure, the steam flow rate is not adjustable, there is noise, and the steam pressure and the system pressure are superimposed when the valve is opened or closed, which has a destructive effect on the heating and air conditioning systems.

It can not be used in a closed system, is a phase-out product

spray heat exchanger

The water is injected directly into the steam through a porous device. Adjustable steam flow, no noise, 0.2mpa low pressure steam is excellent.

Disadvantages: be afraid of the debris in the water to plug the hole, the steam pressure fluctuates when the heat exchanger is easy to vaporize. The bath must add storage tank and water pump, cannot isothermal change heat.

Characteristics of spray heat exchanger

Mixed heating is a mixture of steam and water into hot water, which is characterized by no thermal damage and almost 100% thermal efficiency. Afraid of scaling, condensed water below 70 ℃

Thermal sensing heat transfer unit.

Heat-exchange unit steam-water mixed heat exchanger with high-efficiency heat-sensing heat exchanger as host

The system is integrated with the stable pressure system and control system.

It makes full use of advanced technologies such as frequency conversion control, heat automatic monitoring and control, remote communication control and so on.

To make the maximum possible automation and intellectualization of the unit. The whole unit is well combined with excellent combination, which is made to be customized. The whole unit is equipped with a fast and convenient installation, and the installation cost is extremely low.