How often should evaporator coils be cleaned?

- Mar 13, 2019-

Generally it is not necessary to clean. Because the professional cleaning is required, and since the current air conditioner is a heat pump unit, the indoor evaporator and the outdoor condenser are replaced in the summer and winter, especially in the defrosting process, a certain degree of evaporator can be realized. Self-cleaning.

The filter should be cleaned frequently, which is good for the improvement of air quality and the air conditioning unit itself.

※How to clean the air conditioner ※

The air conditioner mainly cleans the three parts of the filter, the evaporating dish and the cold suspect filter. The evaporating dish and the cold suspect directly ignite the cooling effect, and there is a layer of scale on them. The scale should be cleaned with water.

Cleaning air conditioners, mainly cleaning the panels and dust filter nets of air conditioners regularly. So, how to operate to achieve the best cleaning results? Gome's maintenance personnel put forward a few comments:

1. First remove the dust filter according to the instructions. When disassembling, be careful not to touch the metal part of the indoor unit to prevent it from being scratched.

2. After removing the air filter, gently pat or use an electric vacuum cleaner to remove dust. If there is too much dust in the dust filter, it can be washed with water or soft brush with neutral detergent. However, the water temperature should not exceed 50 °C during cleaning. Do not use detergent, detergent, gasoline or banana water to avoid deformation of the filter.