How to choose a fan coil unit?

- Apr 19, 2018-

Selection and installation requirements

Fan coils should be installed in the clear or concealed position according to the specific conditions of the room and the decoration requirements to determine the installation location and form. Vertical unit is generally placed under the outer wall sill. Vertical unit is generally placed under the outer wall sill. Horizontal unit is hanging in the upper part of the room. Wall mounted unit hung above the wall. Pillar type unit reliable wall is placed on the ground or in the partition wall. The cassette unit is mounted on the ceiling.

The wall-mounted unit is placed directly in the room without decoration, but the unit should be selected in harmony with the appearance color and room tone. Concealed units should be equipped with air outlets and air return outlets that are in harmony with the building decoration, and air outlet filters at the return air outlets. Removable or openable maintenance openings should also be left in the building decoration to facilitate the disassembly and maintenance of the fan and motor of the unit and the cleaning of the air heat exchanger.

At present, horizontal installation units are mostly hidden in the ceiling. There are two types of air supply: the upper side and the ceiling downwards. If the side feeding method is adopted, a low static pressure type fan coil can be selected, and the outlet of the unit is directly connected to the double layer shutter air outlet. If the ceiling is used for downward air supply, high static pressure fan coils should be used. The unit air outlets can be connected to a section of air ducts, where a number of diffusers are connected to send air downwards. There are two ways to return the air to the horizontal concealed unit: louvers or other forms of air return and tuyere filters are installed on the ceiling. The air duct is connected to the air return box of the unit. No air duct is provided, indoor air enters the ceiling, and the unit placed on the ceiling is inhaled.

In addition, when selecting a fan coil, attention should be paid to the room's noise control requirements.

Model naming methods


Among them, 

FP: Product name, fan coil.

1: Rated air flow rate, after the national model number multiplied by 10/h.

2: Structure: horizontal with W

Vertical L

Card type K

Wall-mounted BG

Column type LZ

3: Installation form: concealed with A

Surface mounted with M

4: No indication without return bellows, G with bellows

5: Inlet direction: Left inlet water is indicated by Z

Right inlet water is represented by Y

6: Characteristics of use: No code for standard type, excess pressure type is indicated by H plus number.