How to clean your plate heat exchanger?

- Aug 08, 2018-

It is strictly forbidden to use hydrochloric acid when cleaning the plate heat exchanger


1. When cleaning the plate heat exchanger, it is strictly forbidden to clean with hydrochloric acid. The plate heat exchanger should be regularly repaired, the thermal efficiency is obviously reduced, and the pressure drop should be cleaned when the pressure drop changes significantly.

2. Cleaning work can open the equipment and wash it one by one. The result is serious scaling. The board should be removed and the brush should be cleaned.

3. If chemical cleaner is used, it can be circulated inside the equipment. If there is mechanical cleaning, use a soft brush. Do not use steel brush to avoid scratching the plate.

4. After the equipment is rinsed, it must be wiped dry with a clean cloth. Foreign matter particles and fibers and other impurities are not allowed between the plates and the rubber pads.

5. After the cleaning is completed, the plates and films should be inspected carefully, and the problems should be dealt with in a timely manner.

6. During the cleaning process, the rubber pad and the degumming rubber pad to be replaced should be firmly adhered, and carefully checked before assembly, and the excess adhesive is wiped clean.