How to disassembly a Air compressor cooler?

- Jun 29, 2018-

Air compressor cooler disassembly safety precautions

The disassembling and maintenance of the air compressor cooler cannot be carried out blindly. Before the overhaul, the relevant personnel of the machine, electricity, instrument, etc. must be fully investigated and analyzed in order to find out the defects and possible problems. It is also necessary to determine the maintenance items and contents based on the diagnosis results, and to prepare the maintenance plan, the progress of the maintenance plan and the safety measures. On this basis, when disassembling, remind everyone to pay attention to the following safety issues:

1. Establish a safety management organization, define safety personnel, establish a maintenance team, and participate in maintenance personnel should have a clear division of labor, take responsibility for each, and obey instructions.

2. The maintenance site must be thoroughly cleaned, a special zone must be set up on site and a warning line should be provided. There should be enough fire-fighting equipment on site.

3. Place the disassembled parts neatly and cover them with plastic sheets. The small parts are packed in plastic bags. And take appropriate protective measures to protect the working surface of the various parts of the machine.

4. In the case of lifting, hoisting equipment should be inspected before lifting. It can be put into use only after it is qualified, and the obstacles in the operation area of the crane are cleared.

5. The maintenance tools should be placed neatly, and the maintenance personnel should not bring anything to prevent them from falling into the equipment. Maintenance personnel in the overhaul civilized maintenance, is strictly prohibited savage disassembly, when the first problem analysis, to find the correct solution to avoid damage to the equipment components. 

6. The irrelevant personnel on the inspection site are prohibited from entering the premises. Correctly use personal labor protection articles, observe routine safety measures, observe safety fire prevention regulations, and configure appropriate fire fighting equipment.

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