How to ensure steam radiator safe operation?

- Sep 18, 2018-

Steam radiator ensures energy saving and safe operation 

The heat dissipating tube of the steam radiator is fixed by a frame, compact in structure, good in air tightness and convenient in installation; the steam radiator is a radiator which is suitable for both the steam system and the hot water system as the heating air, and is mainly used. Air heating in hot air heating, air conditioning systems and drying units is the main equipment in hot air installations. Steam radiator is suitable for steam heating system: steam cooling pipe is a standard type of heat pipe, suitable for steam heating system, because its inlet and outlet joints are placed on both sides of the pipe, so the curved pipe is used to eliminate the thermal expansion and Stress caused by other causes.

The heat-dissipating tube has various combinations of surface length, number of tubes, number of rows, and fin-to-span spacing, and there are nearly 100 kinds of sizes and specifications. The light pipe radiator is welded by high-quality welded steel pipe or seamless steel pipe. According to different structures, it can be divided into two types: steam light pipe steam radiator and hot water light pipe steam radiator.

Steam radiators are widely used in current industrial and mining enterprises and heating and ventilation systems for large buildings. The whole rolling fins are smooth and burr-free, wrinkle-free, easy to clean. It is easy to eliminate the condensed water on the fin surface when performing wet cooling in heating and air-conditioning projects, and it is not easy to dust and scale in drying heating and other heat exchange occasions.