How to improve heat transfer efficiency of heat exchanger?

- Jul 20, 2018-

Heat exchangers need to improve heat transfer efficiency. There are two main aspects to consider when considering heat exchangers:

1. Under the premise of taking away the same heat from the heat source, how to minimize the increase in the temperature of the heat exchanger itself. For example, the same heat makes the temperature of heat exchanger A rise by 20 degrees, while heat exchanger B can only rise by 5 degrees, so the performance of the two heat exchangers is obvious. From the basic formula of heat conduction is "Q = K × A × ΔT / ΔL", it can be seen that only the temperature rise rate of the heat exchanger itself slows down, and the temperature difference between the heat source and the heat exchanger can be maintained, thereby finally ensuring heat conduction. effectiveness. This aspect mainly involves the specific heat of the heat exchanger material.

2. How to strengthen the heat exchange capacity between the heat exchanger and the external environment, and drive the heat away from the heat exchanger. The technology coverage in this area is quite wide. For example, air-cooling takes heat away from the heat exchanger by forced convection, while passive heat exchange often has a large heat exchange area to exchange heat with the air, and so on.