How to install a air cooled heat exchanger?

- Sep 18, 2018-

Installation method for air cooled heat exchanger

Before installing the air cooled heat exchanger, the basic quality inspection and acceptance work should be strictly carried out. The main items are as follows: basic surface overview; basic elevation, plane position, shape and main dimensions, and whether the reserved holes meet the actual requirements; the position of the anchor bolts Is it correct, the thread condition is good, the nuts and washers are complete, and whether the base surface of the horn is placed flat or the like. 

After the foundation acceptance is completed, the lining iron is placed on the foundation before the air heat exchanger is installed, and the foundation surface where the horn is placed must be leveled so that the two can be in good contact. The thickness of the horn can be adjusted to allow the heat exchanger to reach the designed level. 

After the horn is placed, the stability of the heat exchanger can be increased, and the weight can be uniformly transmitted to the foundation through the horn. The horn can be divided into flat horns, diagonal horns and open horns. 

Among them, the diagonal horns must be used in pairs. There should be horns on both sides of the anchor bolts. The installation of the horns should not impede the thermal expansion of the heat exchanger. The fixed tube-and-tube air heat exchanger should have enough space at both ends to allow the tube to be withdrawn and replaced. 

Also, when the inside of the tube is cleaned by mechanical means. The tube can be brushed at both ends. The fixed head cover of the U-tube heat exchanger should allow sufficient space for the tube bundle to be withdrawn, or leave enough space at the opposite end to allow the housing to be removed.