How to install a steam heat exchanger?

- Sep 18, 2018-

Steam heat exchanger installation skills and inspection work

Check the integrity of the steam heat exchanger, unscrew the pipe buckle and wire plug;

Check that the size of the external pipe should be the same as the size of the upper and lower interfaces of the steam heat exchanger;

The steam heat exchanger shall be equipped with a condensate drain on the condensate water pipe. When several radiators are used in combination, it is preferable to individually control the inlet, exhaust and return pipes of the radiator, especially the air flow of the radiator. When used in series state;

The inlet end of the inlet is a finned tube end with a shrinkage hole. It needs to be seen when installing. It is generally up and down. A steam trap should be installed at the backwater connection end. Steam is introduced about ten minutes before the start of the fan, so that the steam heating radiator is preheated in advance to avoid damage caused by steam suddenly entering the cold radiator.

The cooling water and mixed air in the steam heat exchanger must be excluded before use, and can be used after preheating; the lower part of the cover should be equipped with a running damper to discharge the air inside the radiator pipe to improve the heat efficiency; air weight flow rate The range is best controlled within 4-10 kg / m 2 seconds; in the event of an emergency or normal use, the supply of heat medium should be stopped first; after the end of the radiator work, the cold water should be drained to prevent freezing and rust.

The steam heat exchanger should keep the heat dissipation surface clean, wash it with tap water, or use compressed air to purge; after 2-3 years of operation, immediately clean the water pipe cavity of the steam heat exchanger, chemically remove the scale; when not in use, The remaining water in the pipe should be drained. If it is not used for a long time, the pipe can be filled with water to prevent corrosion.