How to install the cooler?

- May 24, 2018-

The cooler is determined by the structure, installation is convenient and flexible. Briefly introduce the installation of cooler components: When lifting, pay attention to the center position of the equipment. Make sure there are no sand, grease, iron chips and flux on the gasket and plate mat to avoid damage to the seal and leakage.

When tightening the bolts, the force should be even and the distance between the two pressure plates should be constantly measured to ensure that the parallelism between the two pressure plates does not exceed 3 mm. Clamp to the specified size to achieve the corresponding parallel, so as not to slip out of gasket gasket bias or slot. At the same time, check the side of the clip to see if there are washers and plate errors.

Hydraulic test fluids usually use water. The water temperature should not be lower than 5 degrees, the test should be slowly pressurized. After the test is completed, loosen the pressure nut and discharge the water, then tighten the nut and clamp to maintain the original size for use. There must be some maintenance space around the plate cooler, and its size is related to the size of the plate. 

Apply butter to the fixing bolts and protect the tubes if necessary to prevent rust and scratches. If the maximum outlet pressure of the pump is greater than the maximum pressure of the equipment, pressure relief valves and relief valves should be installed at the inlet of the equipment. When the device is full of liquid and pressure, clamp nut is not allowed. 

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