How to maintain the finned tube?

- Aug 20, 2018-

Fin tube maintenance has the following points:

      1. Regularly inspect the finned tubes. Wuxi cleaning is perfect. Whether there are deposits such as sediment, coking, and rust layer, and cleaning is carried out immediately. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the adhesion of each fin tube to the rubber gasket is tight, and whether the rubber gasket itself is intact, so as to avoid leakage caused by degumming and damage of the rubber gasket.

     2, the plate heat exchanger compression nut and the upper and lower guide rods, should always be violently lubricated with lubricating oil.

     3, each instrument adjustment should be responsible for the person, and strictly enforce the operating procedures for operation and maintenance.

     4. When re-pressing the finned tube, pay attention to the position of the scale at the last compression. Do not over-extrude the rubber gasket, thus reducing the service life of the gasket.

     5. When replacing the rubber gasket of the finned tube, the section must be completely updated to avoid uneven gap between the pieces and affect the heat transfer effect.