How to prevent the fouling of the cooler in cooling tube?

- Jul 05, 2018-

The maintenance of cooler cooling tube is very important for cooler

Because it's about the cooler of the length of life, so only the correct maintenance and maintenance, to extend the service life of the cooler, or harms the cooler and its internal systems

Scaling on the surface of cooling pipe is one of the unavoidable problems for everyone. How to prevent scaling effectively

(1) Change the spray water flow

The cooler is cleaned by a single circulating spray, and the cooling pipe is thoroughly cleaned by spraying up and down. The spray water should be continuously replenished and recycled

The outlet of the normal pressure pump of pure circulating water is used as the water supply main pipe of the cooler, and a butterfly valve is installed between the water supply branch pipe and the main pipe to control the water supply amount, so that the water supply is uniform and the water supply area is maximized.

At the same time, it is necessary to appropriately increase the soft water replenishment, strictly control the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in the water, reduce the sedimentation of suspended solids, reduce the concentration multiple of cooling water, and thus control the formation of scale layer.

(2) Increase the sloping plate sedimentation tank. Connect the return line of the pure circulating water system to the bypass pipe and install the honeycomb inclined tube type sedimentation tank

The sedimentation tank building is mainly composed of concrete foundation and steel structure welding, and is equipped with a continuous dosing system to enable the water treatment agent to be supplied in a small amount and continuously, so that the suspended solids in the water are separated and accelerated deposition in the sedimentation tank.

In addition to the return water of the clean water, the sewage discharged from the cooler is also introduced into the sedimentation tank. After the mixing reaction of the chemicals, the sediment is discharged into the sedimentation zone, and the supernatant water can be returned to the net water-cooled water pool for recycling.

2 Reasonable choice of water treatment agent

The choice of water treatment agent plays a vital role in the water treatment process. Through on-site water quality testing, analysis, and reference to local water and water quality data, water treatment chemicals that meet the on-site water quality are selected.

Normally, water quality stabilizers, bactericidal algaecides, etc. are added in the net ring water.

According to the size of the daily circulation theory of the chiller system, the dosage and the addition period of the medicament are determined. The high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly water treatment agent is continuously added, and the inspection inspection work is strengthened, and the cooling pipe is inspected regularly, and the actual situation is increased or Reduce the amount of medication

3 cooling tube surface treatment

Water quality control and cleaning decontamination sometimes do not completely remove the scale on the surface of the cooling tube, so the treatment technology of the surface of the cooling tube has emerged.

The cooling technology of the cooling tube surface mainly includes arc ferric sulfate treatment and anti-corrosion coating treatment. Usually, the surface of the copper tube treated with ferrous sulfate (so-called coating) is used to strengthen its corrosion resistance, effectively preventing corrosion of deposits, erosion and corrosion, etc.

Coating is to use a single film formation and continuous film filling to achieve the required thickness of the film layer, the principle is to use ferrous sulfate to form an oxide film of iron oxide or ferrous oxide on the copper oxide film on the surface of the copper tube. Improve the corrosion resistance of internal copper tubes by utilizing the stability of oxides