How to replace FS-EIIiott cooler gasket?

- Dec 12, 2018-

How to replace FS-EIIiott cooler gasket?

There are some parts that need us to replace, and the gasket is one of them. Let's introduce the specific replacement sequence.

Should be in the following order

1. Remove the used gasket of FS-EIIiott cooler. When disassembling, do not scratch the gasket groove.

2. Use acetone, methyl ethyl ketone or other ketone solvents to remove residual glue from the gasket.

3. Wipe the gasket groove and gasket with a clean cloth or cotton yarn.

4. Apply the adhesive evenly to the gasket groove.

5. Attach a clean new gasket to the board.

6. The refrigerated plates of the gaskets should be placed in a flat, cool and ventilated place for 4 hours before they can be installed and used.

FS-EIIiott cooler is currently widely used and has a good development prospect. It is a reliable product for everyone.