How to select a steam heat exchanger?

- Nov 09, 2018-

Steam heat exchanger selection

There are many types of heat exchangers, and indirect heat exchangers belong to one of them. Which heat exchangers does it include? There are certain conditions for the selection of steam heat exchangers, which should be selected according to actual needs. Direct heating is a heating method. What are the types and characteristics of its equipment? These are explained in detail below.

Steam is used as a heat source to heat the water. What kind of heat exchanger is used in heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water is an important part of the overall design. The following three conditions must be met: fast heating speed, high thermal efficiency; simple operation, less maintenance, low operating cost; low overall cost, small footprint, and less supporting equipment.

There are basically two ways to use steam as a heat source to heat water: indirect heating—steam and water are two separate systems that conduct heat from a high grade to a low grade through the metal surface. Direct heating - steam is mixed directly with water to heat the water.