How to solve it if the steam heat exchanger can not meet the requirement?

- Nov 09, 2018-

The heating temperature of the steam heat exchanger cannot meet the requirements. The treatment method is as follows: 1 The flow rate of the primary side medium is insufficient, resulting in a large temperature difference on the hot side and a small pressure drop.

2 The cold side temperature is low and the cold and hot end temperatures are low.

3 The flow distribution of multiple plate-type tube heat exchangers operating in parallel is uneven.

The internal fouling of the 4-tube tubular heat exchanger is serious.


1 Increase the flow rate of the heat source or increase the diameter of the heat source medium line.

2 Balance the flow of multiple plate tube heat exchangers operating in parallel.

3 Disassemble the surface of the tube heat exchanger to clean the surface of the plate.