How to use steam to air heat exchanger?

- Apr 28, 2018-

I believe many people hope that they can use the steam heat exchanger longer, because it will save money and effort. Today, we have listed some examples of how to use a steam heat exchanger to extend its service life.

When we use steam heat exchangers, it feels like  very simple to use. In fact, there are still many details that need attention. Regardless of whether it is made of aluminum or steel, the steam heat exchanger is inseparable from the water quality. If the water quality is high in the alkali content, the former is selected. If the oxygen content in the water is relatively large, of course, last is the choice. In this way, the life of the steam heat exchanger can be 

greatly increased. 

When we use steam heat exchangers, we must also pay special attention to over-temperature and over-pressure. We must not raise the temperature or cool down the horse at once, and we must always look at the changes in pressure and temperature. Pay more attention to the leaks in the connections. If there are these circumstances, then even protective measures should be taken.

The use of steam heat exchangers is not all about how careful you are when you use them, but whether you have taken care to pay attention to all aspects that should be observed. Of course, if you have a better way to extend the steam heat exchanger, you can communicate with us at any time, so that you can share better ways to users.

What kind of steam heat exchanger meets the needs of people's lives

In today's society, whether in people's lives or in major projects, steam heat exchangers are more and more common, so the performance requirements of steam heat exchangers are also increasing. So what are the requirements for a good steam heat exchanger?

Many people know that the degree of corrosion with steam heating is very large, and it is much larger than that of hot water heating. Therefore, the radiators we use must be stronger than those of normal heating. At the same time, the heat dissipation effect of our steam heat exchangers is also very important. Only when the heat dissipation is good can the heat in the steam be distributed with the highest efficiency. The most important thing here is the safety issue.

When the steam is heated, his temperature is relatively high, usually around 150 degrees. Therefore, we must protect the steam heat exchangers. Avoid unnecessary injuries.

I think that ultra-high performance steam heat exchangers can meet the needs of users. With the progress of society, the performance of steam heat exchangers will continue to increase. Our heat exchangers are high-performance steam heat exchangers that are produced for the needs of individual users. Users who need them can contact us directly. We will carefully explain more knowledge of steam heat exchangers to you.

Presumably many of my friends will have many doubts about how to use our steam heat exchangers in winter. What key that we think we should pay attention to can make steam heat exchangers use longer?

When the steam heat exchanger is used in winter, it has the same problems as freezing cracks, circuits, etc., as many other devices. How can we prevent these problems? Now many households using heating will directly open the heating cover when they return home, but they do not know that such heat transfer effect is very low, and only the use of the new type of heating without shielding can greatly improve the cooling effect. Many users use the heating but do not provide the necessary maintenance and maintenance, which causes a lot of problems such as the blockage of its system, which fundamentally affects the heating effect.

The key to the use of steam heat exchangers in the winter is very much. If you have any good ideas, you can communicate with us. Our aim is to better serve our customers.