How to use the air compressor aftercooler?

- Apr 23, 2018-

1) Do not place in places exposed to the sun, rain, wind or relative humidity greater than 85%. Do not place in dusty, corrosive or flammable atmospheres. Do not place in a place where there is vibration or condensation. Do not get too close to the wall to avoid poor ventilation. It must be used in a corrosive gas environment. A desiccator or stainless steel heat exchanger type desiccator with a copper tube treated with rust prevention should be used. Should be used at ambient temperatures below 40°C.

2) Do not make mistakes in the import of compressed air. For ease of maintenance, a bypass line should be provided to ensure the maintenance space. To prevent air compressor vibration transmitted to the dryer. Pipe weight should not be added directly to the dryer.

3) Do not stand upright on the drain pipe. Do not fold or flatten it.

4) The allowable fluctuation of the power supply voltage is less than ±10%. A suitable capacity of leakage breaker should be set. It must be grounded before use.

5) Compressed air inlet temperature is too high, the ambient temperature is too high (above 40°C), the use flow exceeds the rated processing air volume, the voltage fluctuation exceeds ±10%, the ventilation is bad (in the winter, the air is changed, otherwise the room temperature will increase) In this case, the protection circuit will work, the indicator light will be off and the operation will stop.

6) When the air pressure is higher than 0.15 MPa, the drain of the normally open automatic drain can be closed. When the displacement of the air compressor is too small, the water outlet is open and air is blown out.

7) The quality of compressed air is poor. If dust and oil are mixed in, these materials will adhere to the heat exchanger, which will reduce the working efficiency. At the same time, drainage will also be easy to fail. It is desirable to set a filter at the dryer inlet and to confirm that the drain is not less than one time a day.

8) Dryer vents should be cleaned once a month with a vacuum cleaner.

9) Turn on the power and turn on the compressed air after the operation is stable. After stopping the operation, it must wait more than 3 minutes before restarting.

10) If using an automatic drain, always check that the drain function is normal. Always clean the condenser and so on. Always check the pressure of the refrigerant to determine if the refrigerant is leaking and if there is a change in the capacity of the freezer. Check to see if the temperature of the condensate is normal.