How to use the generator set water tank?

- Aug 20, 2018-

Proper use of generator set water tank

The water tank of the diesel generator set plays a considerable role in the entire body of the generator set. If the water tank is used improperly, it will cause considerable damage to the diesel engine and the generator. In severe cases, the diesel engine will be scrapped. In time, the correct use of the water tank of the diesel generator set has become an important topic. Below, Henan Zhengfa summarized the following points for your reference:

1. Use clean soft water

Soft water usually has rain, snow and river water. These waters contain less minerals and are suitable for engine use. The content of minerals in well water, spring water and tap water is high. These minerals are easily deposited on the water tank wall and water jacket and water channel wall to form scale and rust, which makes the engine heat dissipation capacity worse and easily leads to overheating of the engine. The added water must be cleaned, and impurities in the water can block the water channel and aggravate the wear of the pump impeller and other components. If hard water is used, it must be softened beforehand. The softening method usually involves heating and adding alkali solution (usually caustic soda).

2. Do not add water after starting

Some users, in order to facilitate starting in winter, or because the water source is far away, often take the method of adding water after starting, this method is very harmful. After the engine starts dry, the engine components are heated up rapidly due to the absence of cooling water in the engine. Especially the temperature of the water jacket outside the fuel injector of the cylinder head and diesel engine is extremely high. If at this time, the cooling water, cylinder head and water jacket are added. It is easy to cause cracks or deformation due to quenching. When the engine temperature is too high, the engine load should be removed first and then idling at low speed. When the water temperature is normal, add cooling water.

3. Prevent "burning" when "opening the pot"

After the water tank is “opened”, do not blindly open the water tank cover to prevent burns. The correct way is: first idle and idle for a while and then extinguish the generator. After the temperature of the generator is lowered and the water tank pressure drops, unscrew the water tank cover. When unscrewing, cover the cover with a towel or a cloth to prevent hot water and steam from spraying on your face and body. Never look down on the water tank. When you unscrew it, quickly remove your hand. When there is no heat or steam, remove the water tank cover to prevent burns.