Innovative development of evaporators boosts high-speed innovation in pharmaceutical equipment

- Aug 02, 2018-

With the rapid development of China's economy, China's pharmaceutical machinery industry has also developed rapidly. Evaporation equipment has been widely used in this field. At the same time, with the continuous advancement and development of technology, evaporation equipment continues to innovate products. The development prospects are very impressive.

It is understood that in the traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical industry, the Chinese medicine production process is the operation process of heat energy consumption, especially the evaporation and concentration operation process of the extract liquid, and the energy consumption accounts for the majority of the total process consumption. Therefore, the evaporation operation is a key issue for energy conservation work. Evaporation and concentration of traditional Chinese medicine extracts involves the balance and comprehensive utilization of thermal energy, and the energy-saving work involves the renewal, transformation and development of evaporation equipment and evaporation process.

With the needs and development of industry, the form of evaporator construction has also gradually improved. Firstly, the jacket heating type was replaced by a horizontal tube heating type, and then the vertical tube heating type was improved, and the latter was further improved in widespread use. In order to avoid the influence of the static pressure of the solution, a liquid film evaporator was created, in order to improve The production intensity creates an evaporator and a forced circulation evaporator outside the heating chamber.

In addition, in addition to using the secondary steam as a multi-effect evaporator, the method of saving the heated steam can be used again as a heating steam by using a secondary adiabatic compression to increase its temperature. The operated evaporator is called a heat pump evaporator. At present, there are more than 60 kinds of evaporation equipments that are practical in the industry.

The advanced evaporation process must be equipped with advanced evaporation equipment, and advanced evaporation equipment will inevitably promote the advanced evaporation process, which can effectively achieve energy-saving goals. How to choose evaporation equipment and technology, improve the efficiency of the evaporator, and improve the cost performance of the overall equipment is the key to the selection of many evaporation equipment.