Is AC water harmful?

- Mar 13, 2019-

Is AC water harmful?

No harm.

The water coming out of the air conditioner is actually condensed water, which is affected by the internal space environment of the air conditioner.

Since most room air conditioners basically use large temperature difference and machine dew point to supply air, when the supply air temperature is lower than the dew point temperature corresponding to the fresh air and return air mixing point, condensed water will be generated.

This part of the condensed water falls into the evaporator water tray by gravity and is discharged to the outside through the drain pipe.

On the one hand, since the condensed water is derived from the surface of the evaporator, its temperature is low, and for an environment with a large wet load, the amount of condensed water is considerable, and direct discharge causes waste of energy; on the other hand, direct discharge of condensed water causes environmental pollution. Especially in the multi-storey residential non-condensing water pipeline, the condensed water discharged by each household not only affects the facade of the building, but also easily leads to neighborhood conflicts.