Is the fin of the finned tube the more the better? The higher the better?

- Oct 10, 2018-

First of all, Xiaobian can tell you very clearly that the fins of the finned tubes are not as good as possible. Of course, the higher the better, the better. The specific reasons for the small series are as follows:

1. When the fin heat transfer area of the finned tube becomes large, its corresponding heat transfer coefficient cannot be increased. Instead, it will be discounted, and the higher the fins of the finned tube, the higher the discount value. This fully demonstrates that the higher the fins, the lower the working efficiency of the fins.

2. If the fins of the finned tube are too high or too dense, the problem of ash accumulation is likely to occur, and cleaning is difficult.

3. If the fins of the finned tube are too high and too dense, the processing difficulty will increase, thereby greatly increasing the cost.

The above is why the fins of the finned tube are more or higher, but the effect of using it is not increasing and decreasing, I hope to help you.