What is the related features of steam heat exchangers?

- Sep 29, 2018-

The use of steam heat exchanger and related features: 

1, can heat the air to a very high temperature, up to 450 ° C, the shell temperature is only about 50 ° C, the efficiency is high above 0.9.

2, heating and cooling rate block, up to 10 ° C / S, fast and stable adjustment. There is no leading air temperature lead and hysteresis, which makes the temperature control drift uncertain, which is very suitable for automatic control.

3, good mechanical properties: because its heating element is a special alloy material, so under the impact of high-pressure air flow, it is better than any heating body mechanical properties and strength, which is necessary for a long time continuous air heating System and accessory testing is even more advantageous.

4. The steam radiator is durable and has a service life of several decades without violating the usage regulations. .