The application, characteristics, and description of the module heat exchanger

- Aug 01, 2018-

Modular heat exchanger application


The module is widely used in hot water heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water supply for hotels, restaurants, schools, companies, military units, institutions, hospitals and other workers.


Module heat exchanger features


        1. Energy conservation: The modular combined heat exchanger of the heat exchanger can control the output heat load according to different stages and temperature changes of the customer, thereby achieving the purpose of saving energy.

2. High thermal coefficient: due to the use of high-efficiency energy-saving heat exchange tubes, modular structure, reasonable overcooling device, heat transfer coefficient: steam-water is 3800-5600W/m2·K, water-water is 1630-3890 W /m2·K.

3. Fouling: Due to the use of the vortex-shaped copper tube, the fluid which is easy to form turbulent flow has a strong scouring effect on the tube wall, and the tube itself has the heat-reinforcing ability, and self-cleaning is achieved by thermal expansion and contraction, so the tube is not easy to knot. dirt.

4. Safe and reliable, stable load: no serious impact on the load

5. Compact, compact and efficient: 100 CUs heat exchange capacity only covers 350 × 350 (mm).


Description of the module heat exchanger

    Adapt to heat medium: saturated steam, superheated steam, medium and high temperature water (95-130 C).