The difference of General fin condenser and new fin condenser?

- Jun 21, 2018-

General fin condenser

Due to the use of smaller single-hole openings (crossing each other with 180o), uneven distribution of fluid resistance gas is increased and biased flow is easily generated.

Not suitable for use under vacuum. Large thickness, slow cooling water flow, easy scaling, and low heat exchange efficiency.

The use of more than 20mm gaskets, expansion and contraction, easy deformation, low pressure, especially when used under high vacuum, leakage often occurs.

New type fin condenser

For the shortcomings of the general chip condensers, new designs have been researched, improved, experimented, tested and tested, and a new type of chip condenser has been produced.

The device can be used for high vacuum distillation apparatus (pressure can be used to fight 130Pa), improving the pressure drop, leakage and other issues.

The six-hole design reduces the thickness of the condenser plate and improves the cooling water flow rate. Compared with a common condenser with the same area, the heat transfer efficiency is increased by more than 50%, and it is not easy to foul.

The use of 6 ~ 8mm gasket, small expansion and contraction, high pressure.

The size of the nozzle and area can be changed according to user needs.

chilled water coil 1.jpg