The more the heat pipe of the refrigerator, the more dust the electromagnetic radiation is.

- Oct 10, 2018-

The more the heat pipe of the refrigerator, the more dust the electromagnetic radiation is.

 Nowadays, more and more household appliances, people's lives are more and more convenient, but household appliances are like a "double-edged sword", even if you will "Lingbo microsteps", they can't escape them invisibly to us. Physical damage.

First, "microwave oven" radiation

The microwave oven is both convenient and affordable, making it an ideal cooking tool for modern fast-paced life. According to the radiation assessment report, the electromagnetic radiation of microwave ovens is several times that of other household appliances.

Dodge method: After turning on the microwave oven, it is best to leave about one meter. After the microwave oven is finished, wait for a while and then turn it on. It is best to use a microwave oven cover. If you use it to cook food, you need to wear a shield apron and shield the big one. Always check the furnace door for mechanical damage after using it for a period of time.

Second, the "refrigerator" high magnetic field

According to experts, when the refrigerator is operating, the magnetic field released by the rear side and the lower heat pipe is the largest. In addition, too much dust in the heat pipe of the refrigerator will have an effect on electromagnetic radiation, and the more dust, the greater the electromagnetic radiation.

Dodge method: The refrigerator should be placed in a place where the kitchen does not stay often; try to avoid approaching it or storing food when the refrigerator is working; often use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust on the heat pipe.

Third, "induction cooker" radiation

Induction cooker uses electromagnetic induction to generate magnetic eddy current to heat food. When working, it will generate extremely low frequency electric and magnetic fields. The World Health Organization classifies extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields together with benzene and electric welding fumes as a class of carcinogens. If there is a magnetic substance in the blood or cells, it is easily subjected to magnetic induction, causing heavy metals to accumulate in the body and hindering the normal activities of blood and cells.

Dodge method: Select the China National Electrician Certification Committee electrician certification or European ce certified products; use at least 40 cm away from the use; do not put the induction cooker on the table when eating hot pot, preferably with metal partitions.