The secret of the maintenance of the cooler is cleaning

- Jul 04, 2018-

The secret of the maintenance of the cooler is cleaning

An important part of the maintenance of the cooler is to do the cleaning work. You can also understand that the maintenance tips of the cooler are in the cleaning work.

So how do you clean the cooler to ensure the normal use of the cooler?

Among the conventional cleaning methods, whether it is a mechanical method, a high-pressure water method, or a chemical method, these are a relatively large method used for cleaning the cooler. But these methods are not optimal, they all have certain problems. For example:

1. It is not possible to thoroughly clean the scale inside the cooler;

2, can not completely remove the sediment inside the cooler;

3. Chemical cleaning will cause corrosion to the cooler equipment; Moreover, if these chemical solvents are not removed, the residual material will cause secondary corrosion to the equipment, and in serious cases, the equipment will be scrapped; 

4. In addition, the waste cleaning liquid contains a large amount of toxic substances, and its discharge will inevitably pollute the environment.

However, fortunately, in the current market, cleaning agents that are non-corrosive, safe and environmentally friendly have been developed and produced. Since the cleaning agent is added with a special component, it can effectively remove scale during use, and does not have any influence on the cooler. It can guarantee the service life of the equipment, and most importantly, its emissions are non-toxic and safe for the human body and the environment.