Titanium coaxial corrugated tube heat exchanger

- Mar 24, 2020-


This product is a recuperative heat exchanger. The inner tube(titanium twisted tube) is tube pass, and the gap between inner pipe and outer pipe is shell pass. Which is separated the two media by

inner tube (the surface of titanium tubes). Enable to heat exchange by using the common wall surface. Generally, the shell pass is for water, and the tube pass is for the air. It used a manner of countercurrent, which can be improved the effect of the heat transfer.

Coaxial heat exchanger have tube-in-tube and twisted inner tube designs. Rugged tube surface can maximize the overall heat trans. The resulting convoluted tube has increased heat transfer surface area per unit length yet still permits full flow of both water and refrigerant

around its entire periphery for improved performance. Turbulence imparted by the convolutions to both the water and refrigerant flows further enhances the thermal performance, while inhibiting the accumulation of deposits on the surfaces. The net result is a highly effective, compact heat exchanger with superior anti-fouling characteristics.