Tubular air heat exchangers are popular with users

- Sep 29, 2018-

The tubular air heat exchanger, which is also a product that has been specially improved according to the needs of the majority of users, has been popularized by users. To this end, we will focus on giving you a detailed explanation of this aspect:

In general, we understand that the air heat exchanger is compact, and both horizontal and vertical flue can be applied. The heat transfer surface of the heat exchanger is composed of a tube bundle, and the flue gas (heat source) flows outside the tube, and the combustion air flows in the tube. A twist insert is added to the heat exchange tube to change the boundary layer of the fluid on the air heat transfer surface, increase the turbulence intensity of the flow medium, and enhance the convective heat supply on the air side, thereby improving the heat transfer efficiency of the heat exchanger. What needs to be specially understood is that due to the sufficient supply of steel pipes and steel plates for the production of tubular heat exchangers, the production and installation process is simple, it is not easy to leak, and there is no accumulation of ash, so it is widely used at home and abroad. More information on this aspect will continue to bring you.