Under what circumstances should the shell-and-tube heat exchanger use a double-tube heat exchanger structure?

- Aug 21, 2018-

Under what circumstances should the shell-and-tube heat exchanger use a double-tube plate heat exchanger structure?

The double-tube plate heat exchanger is a type of shell-and-tube heat exchanger, which often occurs when the medium and the medium are not mixed, and can be used when serious problems occur. So when do you choose a double tube plate heat exchanger structure? Here are a few ways to recommend it.

The shell-and-tube heat exchanger often leaks when the tube is connected to the tube sheet. Therefore, the double-tube heat exchanger structure is required under the following special heat exchanger conditions.

one. Cause of corrosion

             There is no corrosion when the fluid in the tube is not in contact with the tube, but when the two fluids are mixed, it may cause serious corrosion of the equipment.

Two. Consider personal safety and injury

            One tube is a highly toxic fluid, and if it leaks to another tube, the highly toxic substances will spread to a large area.

three. Lead to explosion safety problems

            When two fluids are mixed or contacted, they may cause burning or explosion.

Four. Mixing the medium to produce a chemical reaction leaving the dirt

            When the two fluids are mixed, a viscous dendrimer or polymer is formed.

Fives. Reacts with the catalyst after fluid mixing changes

            When the two fluid phases are mixed, the properties of the catalyst are altered or chemically reacted with the catalyst.

Six. Chemical reduction reaction between media

            After a contact with two fluids, a chemical reaction is limited or not reflected.

Seven. Produce product quality impacts and problems

            Contact with two fluids can contaminate the product and reduce product quality.

In summary, due to the chemical factors, the choice of double-tube heat exchanger structure for shell-and-tube heat exchangers has deep considerations. The above several methods are expected to attract customers' attention. The use of a double tube sheet structure is considered to cause problems due to chemical reactions between the two mediums.