Use aluminum tube to replace copper tube is a new growth highlight in the future

- Jul 30, 2018-

With the advancement of materials technology and the rising cost of copper, after the successful implementation of steel-based copper in refrigerator and freezer piping systems.

In recent years, the aluminum copper in the air conditioning pipeline system has become increasingly mature. At present, almost all the condenser and evaporator of the automobile air conditioning system have realized the whole aluminum structure

The development of aluminum alloy tube for automobile air conditioning depends on the growth of automobile industry

While commercial air conditioners are still in the start-up stage, domestic and foreign commercial air conditioning enterprises are also trying to replace traditional heat exchangers with aluminum material parallel flow heat exchangers

With haier, midea and other large domestic air conditioning enterprises gradually increasing their investment in commercial air conditioners, there is a huge development space for the alloy aluminum tubes used in commercial air conditioners

To cut costs, many air conditioning manufacturers are trying to find new alternatives to cooling pipes  

In the air conditioning cooling pipeline, the material suitable for replacing copper pipe is alloy aluminum, whose price is less than 30% of copper price, and aluminum copper has obvious economic value.

After the successful replacement of steel for copper in the pipeline system of refrigerator and freezer, the willingness of downstream manufacturers to replace materials for the pipeline system of air conditioning has become very urgent

Under the premise of fully satisfying the function and energy efficiency, the application proportion of aluminum alloy material in air conditioning pipeline is increasing gradually


According to analysis by experts in the large market of air conditioning refrigeration, the basic realization of replacing copper pipe with steel pipe in refrigerator and freezer products is mainly caused by the following reasons:

First, through the innovation of technological means, it ensures that the steel pipe can meet the technical requirements of refrigeration pipeline for refrigerator and freezer products in terms of material characteristics

Second, the huge cost advantage makes the home appliance manufacturer to replace the desire to be urgent; Third, the characteristics of steel pipes are more in line with the structural characteristics of refrigerator and freezer products, 

which is conducive to strengthening the strength of the internal space structure without increasing the difficulty of assembly.

China is the largest country in air conditioning production, with a total demand of more than 80 million sets per year. According to the amount of 280 yuan for each set of alloy aluminum, the market capacity of aluminium copper is expected to exceed 20 billion yuan.

At present, the market share of alloy aluminum is less than 7%, the future development space is very wide

The expert of large market of air conditioning refrigeration thinks, material substitution will be the inevitable trend of the product development of air conditioning pipeline