Use aluminum tube to replace copper tube for heat exchanger

- Jul 30, 2018-

The application of aluminum-based copper in the production of air-conditioners has long been a new topic, but after years of efforts, the application of aluminum heat exchangers in domestic air-conditioning production is still quite limited. 

Although air-conditioning companies can achieve the performance level comparable to copper heat exchangers by reasonably selecting materials, improving processes, and strengthening inspection and production control. However, due to the fierce competition in the air-conditioning terminal market, aluminum-based copper has caused a "black-hearted tube" storm in the air-conditioning industry. The air-conditioning machine factory is afraid of being caught by competitors and falling into the corner. Therefore, all air conditioners equipped with aluminum heat exchangers are sold to overseas markets, and the domestic market is rarely seen. 

According to the Refrigeration Express reporter, if the air-conditioning enterprise adopts aluminum heat exchangers, it can save 40-50 yuan for the whole machine manufacturing, which is absolutely difficult to resist in today's meager air-conditioning industry. In the aspect of substitution and replacement of aluminum heat exchangers, and strengthening the market awareness of aluminum heat exchangers, the air conditioner factory and the professional two-factory factory are actively trying to form two basic technical routes— - Finned tube bundle aluminum tube heat exchanger and microchannel all aluminum heat exchanger.

The finned tube bundle aluminum tube heat exchanger is made of plain aluminum foil or hydrophilic aluminum foil, and the structure is basically the same as the copper tube heat exchanger. Since there is no need to make too much adjustment to the existing two production equipment, the two units of the air conditioner factory The plant is more keen on developing technology for this aluminum heat exchanger. The reporter interviewed a number of air-adjusting machine factories, and the relevant technical personnel all said that the performance of the aluminum heat exchanger can meet the standard requirements through the matching test of the whole machine. As with all new attempts in the manufacturing industry, aluminum heat exchangers have to withstand the test of time. It is necessary to track the quality of batch products for a long time to prove the reliability and stability of aluminum heat exchangers.

The professional two-factory plant pays more attention to the development and production of micro-channel all-aluminum heat exchangers. According to experts in the air-conditioning and refrigeration market, micro-channel all-aluminum heat exchangers have been widely used in the field of automotive air-conditioning production. The development of various technologies is very mature and can be regarded as an ideal, reliable and thorough aluminum-based copper for household air-conditioning heat exchangers solution. The basic structure of the microchannel heat exchanger is a multi-pass aluminum flat tube, corrugated fins (opening several louvers), and the whole welding is completely different from the traditional fin-type structure. The existing air-conditioning two-unit production equipment is completely unusable, and production is carried out, and the equipment investment is quite large. However, the advantages of the microchannel heat exchanger are also very clear, with the advantages of compact shape, high heat transfer efficiency, light weight and high reliability. Compared with the traditional finned condenser, the microchannel heat exchanger has a volume reduction of 35%, a weight reduction of 25%, an air side flow resistance of 20% on average, and a small volume of the microchannel heat exchanger. , can reduce the refrigerant charge by 30% on average.