Does water quality have an effect on the cooler?

- Jul 17, 2018-

Does water quality have an effect on the cooler? ? Poor water quality is influential.

1. The cooler is usually cleaned with fresh water. When using river water, a water filter must be installed at the water inlet. Due to the structural speciality of the cooler, when the cooler is working for a long time, the surface of the pipe wall gradually accumulates, and the heat transfer performance is degraded, so that the cooling requirement cannot be guaranteed. At this time, it must be cleaned. The cleaning cycle depends on the water quality, generally 5 to 10 An internal inspection and cleaning should be performed during the month.

2. When the cooling water quality is the water in the coastal area, the corresponding cooler should be customized for this situation, especially the material of the tube bundle inside the cooler is very important. Generally, for the water quality of the shallow sea, the suitable tube bundle material is navy copper; for the deep sea water quality, the suitable tube bundle material is white copper.

In addition, there is another reminder that any cooler must be drained in the cold season and the cooler is not working! To avoid freezing cracks and bring you unnecessary losses!