What are the advantages of air cooler?

- May 22, 2019-

Air coolers have several important advantages over water coolers:

One of them is that water is not directly used as a cooling medium.

Therefore, the cost of using it on the water is not high.

There are no fees for raw water, supplementary water and chemicals for water treatment.

The cooler is set up so that the plant itself is not close to the water source (such as rivers or lakes, so the water

Source heat loss and chemical contamination are prevented. Maintenance costs are also reduced,

Because there is no need to frequently clean the water on the water side of the cooler

The cost of scale, microbial fouling and sediments. And the corresponding pipeline has been removed, and the installation is also simpler.

Another advantage is that the air cooler can operate continuously.

Reduces heat transfer capacity through natural wind even in the event of power failure