What causes a condenser coil to leak?

- Mar 13, 2019-

Condenser leakage is divided into two cases: pipeline leakage and casing leakage.

Pipeline leak:

1. The joint between the condensing pipe and the tube plate is loosened due to long running time.

Treatment method: Re-introduction when the machine is to be shut down.

2. The condensing tube produces perforations due to corrosion.

Treatment method: replace the condenser tube and set the cathode protection.

3. The condensing tube is damaged by friction with the support plate due to mechanical vibration.

Treatment: Replace the tube.

Shell leakage:

1. The condenser and the low pressure cylinder are connected to the expansion joint weld port.

Treatment method: repair welding.

2. Due to improper measures of leakage, the sinking of the condenser caused the weld of the low pressure cylinder to crack.

Treatment method: repair welding.