What causes AC to leak?

- Mar 13, 2019-

What causes AC to leak?

The cause of leakage of Freon is generally the aging of the system piping, corrosion of chemicals or human factors.

Method for judging refrigerant leakage:

1. Open the casing panel of the air conditioner indoor unit, and remove the air filter grid, and then observe the frosting area of the evaporator. If it is found that only a small part of the surface of the evaporator produces frost. This indicates that the refrigerant in the air conditioner is seriously insufficient or has caused partial leakage. This is because it circulates inside the pipeline.

2. In the cooling operation state, the preset cooling temperature with the remote controller is about 5 °C lower than the indoor temperature, and the air conditioner compressor is normally operated for 205} clock.

3. After the air conditioner is running normally for about half an hour, put a thermometer. The temperature sensing head is closely attached to the air conditioning cold air outlet. After a few minutes, the temperature of the thermometer is observed to be 4-8~C lower than the room temperature. If the actual measured temperature difference is less than the above temperature difference. Even similar to the current room temperature. At this time, the air conditioner compressor is still running, and it can be confirmed that the refrigerant liquid in the machine has been basically discharged.